The benefits of conifers on the site

The benefits of conifers on the site

Conifers are a great option for landscaping the site! By planting a spruce, pine or juniper, you can "kill two birds with one stone" - decorate the garden and get a multifunctional plant that will bring a lot of benefits. What are the benefits of conifers and why should they be planted near the house?

Conifers on the site: advantages

Coniferous plants are loved by many because of their appearance. They look luxurious at any time of the year. Evergreen trees with lush, geometrically regular crowns give the site a presentable and well-kept look that attracts perfectionists. And creative natures find something attractive and interesting in conifers, for example, suitability for creative formation.

Coniferous crops have many advantages:

  • do not require complex care and specific conditions for growth;
  • are distinguished by longevity (live for more than 50 years);
  • easy to tolerate pruning and crown formation;
  • resistant to droughts and sudden temperature changes;
  • are not susceptible to the influence of many pests and diseases.

A coniferous plant will be a decoration of any landscape composition. It will emphasize the grace, sophistication and sophistication of leafy flowering shrubs.

Conifers can be used in different ways:

  • plant on alpine hills;
  • as a hedge;
  • for shading other cultivated plants.

Conifers with a crown in the style of bonsai or niwaki will help create a traditional Japanese landscape that will impress and make you fall in love at first sight!

What are the benefits of conifers for humans?

Not only decorativeness is an argument in favor of growing conifers. All conifers emit special essential oils into the atmosphere, which have a positive effect on well-being and health in general. Regular "coniferous inhalations" will ensure:

  • improvement of metabolism;
  • prevention of respiratory diseases;
  • cleansing the body of impurities and toxins;
  • reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • slowing down aging.

Pine tea helps with colds, alcohol tinctures relieve chronic joint pain. Conifers contain more vitamins, beta-carotene, and antioxidants that block free radicals in the human body.

In addition, coniferous plants on the site:

  • will eliminate the need to buy a Christmas tree every year;
  • will provide valuable food products - you can make jam from young pine cones, and cedar trees give tasty nuts;
  • will help to create a cozy atmosphere (the needle crown has excellent soundproofing properties - muffles the noise of passing cars and neighbors).

What are the benefits of conifers for other plants?

In the process of taking care of conifers, the gardener receives an irreplaceable material - lapnik (cut branches), which can be used for various purposes:

  1. To shelter plants for the winter. Conifers perfectly retain heat, while allowing air to pass through, which prevents the soil from clogging.
  2. For soil mulching. Fallen needles, placed in a dense layer on the bed, prevent the soil from drying out and, gradually rotting, improve its composition.
  3. To create warm beds that give record harvests. In the process of decomposition, needles, like any other organic matter, emit heat. In addition, it secretes phytoncides, which protect against bacterial and fungal rot, as well as against pests.

Thus, it can be concluded that everyone will find a use for conifers. Therefore, feel free to plant conifers in the yard! And if you want to buy quality seedlings, contact us!

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