Shinrin-Yoku or "forest bath" - what is it?

Shinrin-Yoku or "forest bath" - what is it?

The Japanese have been practicing Shinrin-Yoku since ancient times, which literally translates as "forest bath". Japanese scientists claim that with the help of Shinrin-Yoku you can get rid of many diseases, including oncology and cardiovascular pathologies. What is the secret of the effectiveness of the "forest bath" and how to take it?

What is a "forest bath"?

Shinrin-Yoku is a Japanese concept of medicine that involves long quiet walks through coniferous forests accompanied by breathing and relaxing exercises. During walks, a person breathes healing essential oils of needles and enjoys a beautiful view.

Lesotherapy is inspired by Buddhist practices and Shinto, a traditional Japanese religion that honors the spirit of nature. It began to be actively used in medicine in the 1980s. It is currently part of Japan's national health care program.

Benefits and effectiveness of Shinrin-Yoku

The effectiveness of the "forest bath" has been confirmed by many scientists from around the world. In the course of research, experts found out that Shinrin-Yoku:

  • improves mood and helps fight stress;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • accelerates rehabilitation after injuries;
  • improves short-term memory by 20%;
  • slows down the natural aging of the body;
  • promotes cleansing from impurities and toxins;
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • increases working capacity;
  • improves sleep;
  • lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

By engaging in lesotherapy regularly, you can ease the course of chronic diseases and prevent new pathologies. This is an excellent prevention of premature heart attacks and strokes.

How to practice wood therapy from Japan?

In order for "forest bathing" to bring noticeable results faster, you need to practice Shinrin-Yoku correctly. A simple walk is not enough. It is recommended to alternate various exercises, namely: fast and slow steps, tilts of the body, sitting in the lotus position with a straight back. The main thing is to establish a spiritual connection with nature.

The minimum frequency of walks in the forest is once a week with a duration of 2 to 4 hours. But not everyone can afford to allocate so much time for rest. Fortunately, you can practice forest therapy at home by increasing the number of plants in your area. Admiring the surrounding nature with the help of gardening or bonsai gives the same powerful health effect!

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