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Pine Niwaki

Pine Niwaki

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Pine (Pinus sylvestris) is the brightest representative of the pine family. It has a lush crown. It is a source of pleasant, healthy air, the smell of needles. Using Scots pine to create garden bonsai is the most common practice.

7-12 years old

Height 2.5, 3, 3.5 meters

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In Japanese horticulture, the term Niwaki pine holds a special place. Translated as "garden tree," Niwaki embodies the essence of nature's artistry and stands in contrast to "Bonsai," which refers to potted trees. While Bonsai keeps nature in miniature, Niwaki pines truly allow it to flourish in the ground.


Japanese horticultural traditions often revolve around the art of miniaturization, and pine Niwaki is no exception. These magnificent creations pay homage to the finely shaped Pine trees found in windswept coastal landscapes worldwide, not limited to Japan alone.

Niwaki Pine's appeal lies in its resemblance to meticulously sculpted masterpieces, where symmetry gives way to balance. A well-crafted Niwaki showcases a beguiling asymmetry that somehow finds its equilibrium—a unique form of symmetry.

Essence of Niwaki

Niwaki is an art form that involves pruning and shaping pine trees and shrubs to create striking and harmonious natural sculptures. This ancient Japanese tradition celebrates the beauty of nature while enhancing the landscape. Unlike Bonsai, which involves growing trees in small containers, Niwaki trees are planted in the ground, allowing them to grow to their full potential.

Selection of Niwaki and topiary

Transforming a neglected pine tree into a piece of Oriental elegance is what enthusiasts excel at. Japanese horticulturists have always leaned on their native flora for Bonsai and Niwaki. Their vast palette of indigenous plants is a privilege for enthusiasts. The local trees, resilient and abundant, serve as a testament to the diverse beauty of any landscape.

Cultivating unique Niwaki

Cultivating Niwaki in Ukraine is a unique endeavor. It involves carefully selecting species with small leaves, aesthetic appeal, and reliability. Choices usually include specially formed and cultivated Niwaki Pines, which are more habitual in Eastern Europe. 

Niwaki Pine - perfect for urban gardens

Pines serve different niches in the Niwaki landscape. Pine Niwaki, thrives in cold and exposed rural gardens, often admired from a distance in vast rural landscapes.

On the other hand, Niwaki pines are perfectly suited for urban gardens, avoiding the challenges of bitter northern and eastern winds. Pine Niwaki, with its captivating orange and white bark, dainty white blossoms, and striking orangey new growth, is a treat best enjoyed up close—a common occurrence in small urban gardens.

In the world of Niwaki, enthusiasts craft living sculptures, each telling a unique story of art, balance, and the timeless beauty of nature. Whether admired from afar in sprawling landscapes or up close in the heart of the city, Niwaki invites you to experience the elegance of Japanese horticulture in all its splendor.